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Sienna's Song



This is a charity song. Sienna's Song is a song to help raise medical funds for 3 year old Sienna Riley who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma ( an aggressive form of cancer of the specialised nerve cells called the neural crest cells) in November 2012 at 20 months old, and Cardiomyopathy.If the treatment in the UK is successful there is a very high relapse rate for which there is no treatment available in the UK. Substantial funds are then needed immediately for treatment in the USA or Germany. All proceeds from this single will go to Sienna's fund. You can buy the song for 99p to help Sienna by going to amazon.


as at June 2019 Sienna is doing well and is in remission but she still needs funds just in case she relapses.

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