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Standing In The Desert
from a poem by Helen Edwards, set to music by John Hawkins
Standing In The Desert.mp3
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sung by Avrio.

Mystery of the song that nearly got away


This song has an interesting story about it.

I discovered it on 18th July 2018. I had received an enquiry asking for non-country songs. Since most of my recorded songs are country I decided to look through my unrecorded songs which are held in alphabetic order.

I checked through them and found about 33 when I reached the letter "S" and found a song called Standing in the desert.

Now I knew that I had not written a song with that name as I would have remembered it. But there it was! I knew that if there was a song there must be a lyric file so who had written the lyrics? I found the lyric file and discovered that the lyrics were written by Helen Edwards ( who is Helen Edwards?) so I looked at my emails and to my surprise I found an email from Helen Edwards on 22nd January 2013.

She asked if I could set her poem "Standing in the desert" to music. I checked my diary for January 2013 and found my notes as I prepared to write the music. But why could I not remember anything about it.

So I checked the music file again to find out when I recorded the last version of the song.

The date of the last version was 7th May 2014 so I had spent about 17 months working on the song, but I knew nothing about it.

But that date told me everything I needed to know as I finished the song on the 7th May 2014 but then on 8th May 2014 I had a stroke. So obviously the stroke has wiped all memories of that song from my brain.

But I did write the song!

so far I haven't found any more missing songs.

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